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IPAC Canada

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IPAC-CSO Awards and Funding Opportunities

Various Awards and Funding Opportunities available to IPAC-CSO members. 

2024 Diversey Scholarship to attend the IPAC Canada 2024 Conference

IPAC Conference 2024


Through the ongoing generosity of Diversey Inc., many IPAC Canada members have been supported to attend our annual conference. The recipients include members with novice, intermediate, and advanced expertise. IPAC Canada thanks Diversey Inc. for the opportunity for selected candidates to have the support needed to attend the conference. We commend all scholarship applicants for the quality of their work in infection prevention and control.

Applications for the 2024 scholarship are now being accepted!

Deadline for applications: February 9, 2024.

Click here, and please thoroughly review the Scholarship Criteria. Then download, complete, and save the Application Form and Employer Support Confirmation, which you will be required to upload into the application portal.


The Hygiea Award

This award will be presented annually to a IPAC-CSO member who qualifies, based on the following criteria:

  • EARTH: The individual promotes appreciation for, and awareness of, the field of Infection Prevention and Control 
  • WATER :The individual is creative and innovative 
  • FIRE: The individual sparks enthusiasm for the field of Infection Prevention and Control 
  • AIR: The individual communicates well 
  • STAR MATTER :The individual has excelled in performance 

A call for nominations will take place at the September IPAC-CSO chapter meeting. 

  Congratulations to the 2023 Hygiea Award winner: Trevor Johnson!

  Previous Hygiea Award winners:

  • 2018 - Tanya Denich
  • 2015 -Connie Gittens-Webber
  • 2014 -Cheryl Collins & Cindy O'Neill
  • 2013 -Virginia Tirilis
  • 2012 -Risa Cashmore
  • 2011 -May Griffiths-Turner
  • 2007 -Anne Bialachowski

 The Diane Thornley Award of Excellence IPAC -Out of the Box Award

Out of the BoxHonours the candidate for outstanding creativity in the management and resolution of a particular infection prevention and control (IPAC) issue or in the development and initiation of an innovative or ingenious educational project.

The Out of the Box Award was founded by Diane Thornley upon her retirement. Diane was a long time infection control professional and one of the founding members of IPAC Canada and IPAC-CSO.

Applications are due annually by the June IPAC-CSO chapter meeting

  Congratulations to the 2022 Out of the Box Award winner!

Murtuza Diwan on behalf of Halton Healthcare

 Previous Out of the Box Award winners:

  • 2020 - Katherine Paphitis on behalf of Public Health Ontario
  • 2019 -Crystal Hendry on behalf of Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health
  • 2017 -Trish Hutton on behalf of Trillium Health Partners
  • 2016 -Trish Hutton on behalf of Trillium Health Partners
  • 2015 -Connie Gittens-Webber on behalf of Hamilton Health Sciences

Education Financial Assistance

Funding is available for IPAC-CSO Members to attend conference and educational seminars. Application for Education Financial Assistance must be submitted by March 31. Please note that receipts must be included and the application should not be submitted until after the course / conference is completed.

CIC/SARE Financial Support

Funding support is available to IPAC-CSO Members who successfully complete their CIC and or SARE. The amount awarded to each applicant will be based on the number of applicants and scoring criteria. CIC/SARE Funding Assistance Applications must be submitted by Dec 31.

IPAC Week Support

IPAC-CSO offers financial assistance to members to support IPAC Week events within their respective organizations.

Interested members need to submit your request via the IPAC Week Support Application form by September 30th.

  • Ensure the email includes the number of bed at your organization and the number of sites (see Funding Table below).
  • Please note that members are required to submit receipts and a summary of activities. To encourage knowledge sharing we recommend submitting a video or PowerPoint presentation with photos that may be shared on social media, posted to the website or be included in a future journal articles to celebrate our successes. Submit a summary of your IPAC week activities via the IPAC Week Summary of Activities Form

Funding Table

# of beds

Amount available

Number of Sites

Receipts required

<250 $100 1 Yes
251-500 $150 1-2 Yes
501-700 $200 3-5 Yes
>701 $250 5 or more Yes

Note:  If the above criteria are not applicable, applications will be considered on a case by case basis.

Other Awards


Mark Jefferson accepting the 2012 CIC Chapter Achievement Award


IPAC CSO members accepting the 2012 3M Chapter Achievement Award


IPAC CSO members in attendance at the IPAC Canada conference accepting the CIC Chapter Achievement Award